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How to Organize Photos Sorted by Date based on EXIF date


I keep all my unorganized photos in external HDD storages just by move them from camera or smartphone. Howerver, all of them aren’t aligned with the filenames. My camera photos start at NHC_xxx prefix but the photos that taken by my phone camera starts at IMG_xxx. It’s hard to reviewing and choosing the best photo to backup / print with the same category or date. Because the categories of photos have same date in almost case. As we known, when you take a picture with your digital camera or smartphone, a time stamp is embedded in the file. Other cool types of info are also embedded too, but that’s not in the scope of what I’m covering here.
So, Organize Photos Sorted by Date based on EXIF date is the best solution to solving my issue. After researching over the internet, I found some solution to help me sort them or put them into a folder by the creating date of the EXIF data of each image.
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