Safely remove PPA Repositories and revert changes made by PPAs

PPA is Personal Package Archives allow you to upload Ubuntu source packages to be built and published as an apt repository by Launchpad. That’s mean you can get and install a tons of softwares which is distributed via PPA on Launchpad which can not be found in the Ubuntu official repository on Ubuntu ( since the Ubuntu official repo takes a conservative approach to updates and number of applications it includes in its official repository with focus on stability over latest and greatest packages). But a tons of softwares that install on your computer will be include with a tons of PPA. The provided packages are not guaranteed to be fully tested. There’s tonnes of PPAs out there that provide testing packages for early adopters. There’s a reason why PPA packages aren’t promoted more vigorously to the masses.

After a softwares that is installed from PPA, you can remove it if you don’t feel it works as you want, you can remove it then remove their PPAs. It’s remove very easily with one or some softwares, but it’s problem when you want remove a lots of  softwares from some PPAs. This problem can be solve by experienced users or you can make a batch command like experienced users with PPA-Purge. Ironically, the ppa-purge package itself is available on a PPA. How strange is that?

What is PPA-Purge

PPA-Purge will reset all packages from a PPA to the standard versions released for your distribution. So basically its like a way to restore your system back to the way it was before you installed packages from a PPAs.

How to use PPA-Purge

  1. Install PPA-Purge from Ubuntu Repositories :)) (it has been added to the official Ubuntu repositories since version 10.10 Maverick Meerkat) by Terminal:
    sudo apt-get install ppa-purge
  2. To use PPA Purge for any Ubuntu derivative, use the following command:
    sudo ppa-purge -d  ppa:

    or it’s simpler with Ubuntu 10.10 and later:

    sudo ppa-purge ppa:/

Let’s try by yourself!

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