Playstation One Emulation on Ubuntu x86/amd64

PlayStation OneAs you known, ePSXe (enhanced PSX emulator) and pSX are most popular Sony Playstation One Emulation. In terms of gaming capability, both emulators worked equally well, ePSXe makes use of plug-ins to emulate GPU, SPU (sound), and CD-ROM drive functions… but almost ePSXe’s plugins isn’t works on Linux Environment; pSX is a clear winner since there is really nothing much to configure, just run then play!

So, I recommend pSX as Playstation One Emulator on Ubuntu x86/amd64. Let’s install it then play your favorite PSX games.

  • pSX requires OpenGL library and gtkGLext to work. Make sure it’s installed. The package lib32gtkglext1_1.2.0-3.2-amd64.deb must be installed for 64bit/amd64 systems. This is not needed for 32bit systems.
  • pSX requires having a playstation bios file to run. I can’t legally supply you with one, so just Google it with scph1001.bin keyword.
  • While running, due to a conflict with pSX and Pulseaudio, Pulseaudio is disabled while running pSX. This may make any program using it crash and will probably make the mixer/sound volume control unavailable while pSX is running. It should return to normal when pSX is closed. If not, close any program currently using sound. Sometimes, I need restart my  laptop because it’s not works.

How to play a PSX game:

  • Download pSX and then extract to your home folder.
  • Get scph1001.bin, move it into bios folder of pSX
  • Move or copy Playstation One game images into cdimages of pSX, cd images will be run smoother than original disk
  • Run pSX then config controler if you want.

At this time, I’ve tried ePSXe and PCSX for Linux but it’s crash during testing time on Ubuntu 11.4 64bit, so I’ll write about these in next time.

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