Paper GTK Theme: A Beautiful Material Design Inspired

Paper is a modern GTK3 desktop theme suite. Its design is mostly flat with a minimal use of shadows for depth.
The theme looks pretty nice with traditional titlebar/menubar/toolbar applications, but it doesn’t compare with the experience it offers for header bars apps. Paper has been developed primarily for GNOME and other GTK3 desktops, legacy desktops will not have the same experience. Also, the GTK2 theme still needs some work. Here is theme preview application for GTK2

Paper Theme
Paper Theme

Firefox tab is not themed correctlyIt’s important to mention that currently, there are a few issues with Paper GTK theme, especially on non-GNOME (Shell) desktops. For instance, the Firefox Tab is not themed correctly.

Install Paper GTK theme

Arch Linux users can install Paper via AUR. I’m using pacaur to install packages from AUR, you can do it as the same with your favorited AUR Helper:

$ pacaur -S paper-gtk-theme-git
The Paper Application Themed
The Paper Application Themed

Install Paper GTK theme on Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint…

Ubuntu users can install the latest Paper GTK theme by using its official daily buils PPA (unstable):

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:snwh/pulp && sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install paper-gtk-theme

Once installed, use an application such as GNOME Tweak Tool to set the theme to Paper.
The Paper icon theme is under serious development, if you can tolerate many missing icons and potentially frequent updates, feel free to use them. I hope that Sam will continue to work successfully on such a great GTK theme and that we will see more of the material design GTK themes soon!

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