Fix Video Lags/Freezes in Movie Player based mplayer

Sometimes, the video lags/freezes when you play a video file with Movie Player based on mplayer like SMPlayer, Gnome MPlayer… However, others video players that’s not based on mplayer like VLC player is able to play those files. It’s can fixed by reboot the system or re-logging back to system.
I’ve researched about this by Google then I found the problem was with pulse. If your system included ALSA and PulseAudio, it’s occured very frequently.

  • Video starts lagging.
  • Audio and video goes out of sync.
  • CPU usage rises to ~50%.
  • SMPlayer starts to hang.

To fix it, let’s change Audio Output Driver form Pulse to ALSA. You can find it through: Option > Preferences > General > Audio > Output Driver

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