How to prevent Ubuntu services autostart when boot-up your system

Liked another OS, Ubuntu (Linux) has many services running after booted into workspace. A Ubuntu service is an application that is either runing in the background waiting to be used, or carrying out essential tasks. When you install Ubuntu or softwares, there are many services which are enabled by default. Whenever Ubuntu starts, it also starts all these services, there could be so many services which you are no longer using or you have never used them before, so do you think that there is any need to start these services every time on the system boot up? The answer should definitely be “No” because these services are consuming your system’s resources and also slowing your system’s boot process.

Traditionally, Ubuntu provided various tools to manage services. There are various methods for managing access to system services:

  • /etc/init.d/service
  • rcconf
  • update-rc.d
  • etc…

Disable Ubuntu services autostart
Disable Ubuntu services autostart

You can install third party softwares to manage Ubuntu services as you want, just as BootUp Manager (bum), rcconf… But in this topi, I’ll tell you the way to prevent automatic run a services in Ubuntu with simple and powerful command:

sudo update-rc.d -f service-names remove
  • service-names: name of the service which will be disable, just as mysql, apache2….
  • -f option: force disable services
  • remove: disable command

If you want to enable a service automatic running, you can use the command below

sudo update-rc.d service-names defaults

Do as your self!

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