How to recover deleted files on ext paratition

Yesterday, I’ve just deleted something which I didn’t want to delete! If you use ext3/ext4 you may be able to recover the file with ext3grep or extundelete with information from the file system journal if the content of the file wasn’t already overwritten by new data. Your partition uses ext4 you have to use extundelete, if it’s ext3 you can use also ext3grep
The first step should be to stop all writing processes on the related partition and unmount that partition as soon as possible. Getting the disk unmounted or re-mounted as read only helps a great deal in the recovery effort. Data recovery, especially on EXT file systems, should be attempted from a live CD or other system that isn’t depending on the partition you’re undeleting from.

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GIMP 2.8 layout like Photoshop

How to Transform GIMP layout look like Photoshop

GIMP’s default layout is a bit frustrating and a lot of people maybe used to using Adobe Photoshop and it’s layout. Like others, sometime I had confused with GIMP layout and can’t find the tools/brush/… as I want to use immediately. To help those who are used to Photoshop, +Martin Owens has created a collection of GIMP 2.8 tweaks that make it more like Adobe Photoshop and make people more comfortable.

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Rebuild VirtualBox 4.1.18+ on ArchLinux

Some changes will be introduced in the next package release of virtualbox since v4.1.18

  • vboxbuild will be dropped in favor of upstream provided dkms config.
    (FS#30692) (FS#30749) (FS#28792)
  • vboxweb and vboxservice gain systemd service files (FS#30725)
  • vbox-service will be renamed into vboxservice and config file is now
    backuped. (FS#30692)
  • virtualbox-archlinux-additions add a new group named vboxsf (FS#30725)
  • a new package (virtualbox-archlinux-source) will allow compilation (via dkms) of virtualbox guest kernel modules.

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