GTK vs Qt

What is difference between GTK and Qt?

GTK+ and Qt (only on Linux) are open-source cross-platform User Interface toolkits and development frameworks. These are the two most popular frameworks in use for Linux and BSD because they are open-source and give developers a powerful toolkit to design Graphical User Interfaces. Qt is C++ based but it uses C++ in its own way because of its cross-platform nature (through a special preprocessor) and GTK is C based but it uses its own “object oriented” approach but has bindings for just about every popular language in use today.
Sometimes, when you install a new softwares you will see GTK+ or Qt on they name. What is it? What is difference between GTK+ and Qt? For the applications I have experienced with, I don’t think there’s a difference in quality between QT and GTK applications, just as Evolution, ThunderBird…

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