Add new printer, system isn’t show the driver list

Sometimes, after install and configuration cups for printing, you can’t get the list of printer driver list although you have been installed necesary parkages. Whenever you try to add using any of the available protocols CUPS spits this incredibly helpful error message out:
Unable to get list of printer drivers: "Success"
I spent an hours for researching about that problem then it fixed and work flawlessly. Here is my solution to fix the problem with Canon LBP2900:

  • Remove foomatic-db-engine, it is the source of the original error.
  • Go to http://localhost:631/ in your browser to get to the CUPS interface
  • Click Add printer
  • Select LPD/LPR Host or Printer (this is where I ran into issues, selecting the Canon LBP2900 printer that CUPS found didn’t use the IP of the printer, instead it used some sort of ID, and wouldn’t work after getting the printer set up).
  • Type in “lpd://IP/BINARY_P1” where IP is the IP address of the printer, BINARY_P1 is the queue, leave it as it is unless it doesn’t work.
  • Set the name, description, and location to whatever you want, they aren’t critical to getting the printer online.
  • Select generic as the printer’s make
  • Select Generic PCL Laser Printer as the driver (this will return the error that started this thread instead of a list of drivers if foomatic-db-engine is installed).
  • Pick the defaults you want, if you turn on 2 sided printing, CUPS will prompt you to set the Duplexer as installed, click the duplexer link and set it as installed.
  • Push the set printer defaults button if you haven’t already. Done.

It’s done

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